Energy Industry Solutions

In the highly-competitive energy industry, uptime and performance are critical. You can rely on Houston Plastic Products to help drive oil and gas, solar, wind, and nuclear energy production forward.

Energy specialists working on solar panels
High Performance, even under the harshest conditions

Plastic components are essential in production across energy industry sectors. Modern thermoplastics technology means your customized components will deliver every time.

Longer Life


High Resistance

Cost Effective

Exceeding Quality Standards for the Renewable Energy and Oil and Gas Sectors

Reliable energy components for upstream, downstream, and everything in between

Measurements & instrumentation

Perforating Gun Component

Control systems

Custom Projects

Rely on us to keep the energy industry humming.

When safety, uptime, and performance are critical, HPP delivers. Trust us for:

Exceptional Quality Control

State-of-the-Art Materials and Components

Rigorous Safety Standards


Feel confident in your thermoplastic molding solutions by finding reliability through consistent communication, quality products, and accurate forecasting.

Let us know how we can help you with existing or future projects, and one of our support representatives will contact you shortly.